UUAM (formerly known as UFETA, which remains the official name for business purposes) often runs ads in UU World, and we hope to run more ads, ads with varied messages that will challenge all Unitarian Universalists to rethink how animals are treated in our society (click here for samples.). Your donation will be used for this purpose only.

Empowering Unitarian Universalists in spiritually grounded intersectional justice and animal advo­cacy, for the good of all animals.

A world embodying multi-species justice, based on compassion, empathy and a deep respect for the inher­ent worth and dignity of all beings.

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Multispecies Ministry Class

Multispecies Ministry Class: The chance to partake in an exciting Unitarian Universalist adventure - the first Multispecies Ministry class taught at any divinity or seminary school in world, and it's happening at our very own Meadville Lombard School of Theology. Normally only seminarians take courses like these at the university, but anyone can enroll as an "at large" student or even audit it. Registration continues in August, with the class beginning in October with on-line participation, and then ending with one week together in Chicago in January 2017. To find out more about the class, review the syllabus, or register, click here.

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