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Empowering Unitarian Universalists in spiritually grounded intersectional justice and animal advo­cacy, for the good of all animals.

A world embodying multi-species justice, based on compassion, empathy and a deep respect for the inher­ent worth and dignity of all beings.

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Reverence for Life: Transforming Belief into Practice through Animal Ministry

This class is specifically designed for Unitarian Universalists interested in beginning, supporting, or growing animal ministries in their congregations. During this one session webinar we will reflect upon Albert Schweitzer's ethic of Reverence for Life and what it could mean for our lives, organizations, and congregations. We will outline resources and possible next steps to set up an animal ministry within your congregation, with specific consideration for Unitarian Universalist congregations. Part of this ministry might include joining the Reverence for Life Program designed by UUAM, which is explained. Those wishing to take the multiple session course, "Connecting Our Hearts to All Life" are required to take this class first.

Individuals may participate in this class, though we strongly suggest that groups of individuals take the class together. This allows for greater learning of the material, as well as building relationships and understanding which creates stronger ministries within congregations. We ask that you contact Rev. Joyner if you plan to take this course so she can support your process, as well as when you have completed this class.

To participate in this class, view the video below.

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