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A world embodying multi-species justice, based on compassion, empathy and a deep respect for the inher­ent worth and dignity of all beings.

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Connecting Our Hearts to All Life:

Compassionate Relationships, Care, and Advocacy

This six session course builds upon the webinar, "Reverence for Life: Transforming Belief into Practice Through Animal Ministry." In this preliminary webinar we reviewed the commitments needed to live with reverence: Commitment to reality (tragedy, suffering, beauty, interconnection, science behavior), commitment to communication, commitment to practice, and commitment to community. In this six session course we offer practical tools for living out these commitment, especially those who wish to build competent and compassionate animal relationships, ministries, and organizations. Specific tools covered include communication skills (compassionate communication), social emotional, ecological, and transspecies intelligence, ethics, animal behavior and communication, and spiritual practices. Each session runs for approximately one hour, except the first session which is 83 minute and the last one which is 45 minutes. As we highly suggest that a group of people take this course together so that they can pause the recording for the exercises and the discussion, each session will run longer than the recording.

This webinar is required for individuals wishing to be certified as a "Reverencer" and for those animal ministry teams within congregations that wish to become a Reverence for Life congregation.

For the course outline, click here.

To participate in the classes, view the videos below by clicking on each Session link.

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Handouts: Reverence for Life Experiential Learning Guides, for Leader and for Participant

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